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Title: First Arrival
Description: Gary Suarez was the first to arrive this year. Here he sits at Virgil Avenue Tobacconist, smoking a CAO Odyssey

Title: In the Walk-In
Description: Rick Neglia, and son James, peruse the stocks at Virgil...

Title: Shop Owner
Description: Barry, one of the owners at Virgil, hanging out, watching the wierdos...

Title: Boron
Description: Herschel Gross

Title: The Youth Of ASC
Description: Nick Pan

Title: Cigar Samurai
Description: Jeff Shin

Title: HerfMeister
Description: Nathan "batmang" Zimmerman

Title: 'Ski
Description: Cigarski, Wayne Sikorski, showing his better half a wonderful Valentines weekend...

Title: Deep In Discussion
Description: Everyone sharing stories (and smoking, of course...)

Title: The Rest
Description: Didn't wanna leave Wayne and Helene out of the picture... ;-)

Title: Lunch
Description: The food has arrived

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