Hits v6.0

Title: The far right
Description: Chris "Raodwarrior" Kelly and Rob Heming went straight to the Suite

Title: In The Suite...
Description: Dan Amish (The other PA Guy) and CigarSki...

Description: Heming, Batmang (Notice the T-Shirt), and Carey Miller

Description: Lynn Showed up late, but it wouldn't be HITS without her...

Title: Webmaster
Description: Herschel and Cigarski flank a very sexy fat man, sporting his ASC T... ;-)

Title: Dinner
Description: Everyone stared in awe at the prices... ;-) But the food was excellent!

Title: Mascot
Description: The monkey-bread man...

Description: An Intervention "Gee, I've Never..."

Title: POS
Description: The Port-O-Shaman (Soon to be traveling to New Orleans!)

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