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Hyatt Regency Buffalo

HITS 2001
HITS 2002

Nathan Zimmerman
Joe LaVigne
Rick Neglia
James Neglia
Carey Miller
Chris Kelly
Hershel Gross
Wayne Sikorski
Helene Deely
Jeff Shin
Gary Suarez (Thru Lunch)
Rob Heming
Dan Amish
Lynn Bass

Hyatt Regency Buffalo

Virgil Ave Tobacconist

Jimmy Macs

C.Gars Ltd.

JR Cigars


Schedule Of Events
Friday 2/14
Pre-Herf in the Suite

Saturday 2/15
10:30AM - Virgil Ave
12:30PM - Jimmy Macs
2:00PM - Suite
5:30PM - E.B. Green's
Then Back to the Suite

Sunday 2/16
We'll see how everyone feels and get together accordingly...


Cigar Search Engine

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The Countdown!

Come to Buffalo on President's Day Weekend, 2003, for the 6th Annual Herf In The Snow!

This year's event will be an all-suite herf.  The big day is February 15th, with a pre-herf in the Suite on Friday, February 14th, for those who arrive early.

The herf is a pay-as-you-go event.  Expect a few gratis cigars (thanks to our sponsors), and some deals at Virgil Ave Tobacconist.  Lunch at Jimmy Mac's, and dinner at E.B. Green's Steakhouse.


Get your room reserved by Jan 14th to guarantee your rates...   See the Hyatt page for details on reserving a room...

OK.  We get together in the morning, Feb 15th, at Virgil Ave Tobacconist.  This is a much closer location to Jimmy Macs, and to Downtown, so we are tightening things up a bit.  They are going to have coffee, pastries, and discounts on cigars.

Lunch plans for Jimmy Macs have been finalized and reserved.  We'll be leaving Virgil to go to Jimmy Mac's at about noon.

1/6/2003 - All right.  We have verification from MO and from Saka.  2 Sponsors thus far.

1/10/2003 - Now we have verification from Wal and Ben.  Baranow's is sending some fine sticks for us to share!

1/10/2003 - Bob Guilles has taken offense, apparently, to the recent "Official ASC Baker" title thrown at Kristine Farmer in TX.  He has challenged the ASC women to either come to HITS with cookies, or ship some for a taste test.  Let's see if they are up to the challenge!  ;-)

1/17/2003 - If you are staying at the Hyatt, Please register NOW.  We got the date extended to the 31st, but so far, we have 0 registrations.  If we don't get any by the 31st, HITS is in serious danger.

1/20/2003 - Thanks to Bill Burney for our new logo.  It kicks ass!

1/31/2003 - Sad news on the Pearl St Grill front...   It appears that they want a $200 room fee for dinner.  We have booked the room, but it means that we'll probably have to pass the hat.  I am still looking for alternatives, but there isn't much in the downtown area.  We could do E.B. Green's Steakhouse, but the pricing is very high.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know...

2/12/2003 - Looks like we'll be skipping Pearl Street.  Dinner this year is at E.B. Green's Steakhouse.  The food is more expensive, but once you count in the $200 room fee, split amongst the patrons, the difference isn't that much.  And now there is no walk in Buffalo in the Winter (and we have been having some crappy weather lately).

2/16/2003 - HITS has come and gone for another year.  While we had less people than usual, it was a hardy crowd, and I had a great time!  Thanks to everyone for coming, and to Batmang for doing the bulk of the planning and work!  Pictures can be found by following this link, or the one in the left frame!